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Spectra, Källemo, 2011

10 pillows in two layers creates the seat in this easy chair. The pillows has different texture, density and size. They can be arranged to create the desired seating position.

The design process for Spectra was extremely slow. First sketches came up already in 2001, ten years before it was finalized, and were based on a one-off project I made for the Swedish edition of Elle Decoration. In that project I made a seat that consisted of 21 pillows placed in an upholstered tub. It was a very charming concept that I wanted to explore further and develop in the direction of a more conventional furniture.
Over the following years I therefore filled a file in my computer with all kind of various sketches on how such a chair would look. I often returned to it and since I never got bored of the concept I understood the idea had some relevance.
But it was not until I teamed up with Källemo in 2010 the chair got it's final design and when launching it in February 2011 it was with a mix of relief and sorrow to see that long chapter close.

The Spectra Chair was nominated furniture of the year by the Sköna Hem Magazine, Sweden in 2012.