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Peg, Pyra, 2001

To make an interpretation of the Winsor chair was the brief given out to every designer contributing to the first collection of Pyra.
I very much liked the experimental approach with a common origin point and took on the challenge with great excitement sketching on various kinds of wooden constructions, one more refined than the other with the image of a highly modernized stick back chair in front of my eyes. After a while I totally hit the wall and got stuck by the complexity I have added to my efforts. I wanted to escape the project and was ready to give up.
I then decided to give it one last attempt and to also start all over again. Instead of turning to pictures for inspiration I found words to guide me forward.
When looking up the Windsor chair in an encyclopedia it was described as ” a piece of furniture with a massive wooden seat with drilled holes where wooden sticks are mounted to form the construction for legs and back.”
This  long and rather dry, but also imaginary sentence opened up for new perspectives and new inspiration.
The chair became a bench with a perforated seat where lathed wooden gadgets such as bowls, a side table, a lamp and a backrest could be placed in any desired place according to use.