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Orb, David Design, 2008

Designers are usually collectors. Objects, samples, prototypes and junk in general is the regular sight when visiting colleagues studios and my own is no exception. The collecting is an important part of processing your profession since it gives you a sense for what has a lasting value and that can be a function, a materiality or an irresiteble shape that grows on to you. By collecting and using the existing you plant a seed for the future.

For a number of years I had a set of steel balls lying around in the studio. Rusty, raw and quite decorative but acquired without any specific reason. One day however the idea for the Orb coat hanger came up when looking at the balls.
I had been asked to sketch on a series of hooks and it felt very appealing to combine different ball sizes to generate a strong sculptural effect without losing function.

The Orb coat hanger is made of powder coated steel and available in black or white.