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Nappula Pot, Iittala, 2020  

The initial idea behind the Nappula planters was to make a family of planters that somehow referred to growing. Instead of working with different diameters of the container the project came to be about scale and height when adding a stem to the pot. The result is soft volumes stacked on to eachother, a design language familiar to the other products in the Nappula range.
Alone the pot is an elegant and characteristic carrier of any kind of plant, lifting forward and interact with eachother in a beautiful, almost sculptural way. Just like a plant the shape express growth and maternity and when being arranged as a pair or in larger clusters in the window sill the result is a dynamic expression of somthing coming to life.

The ”Nappula" plant pots come in two different heights and are made of coloured glazed stoneware. It is available in white, powder pink and dark green.