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Nappula glass, Iittala, 2018

Candle holders in pressed coloured glass.

The original steel ”Nappula” candle holder was launched for Iittala in 2012. In recent years we have looked for ways to expand the popular family in new directions and to include new materials. To use glass was a thought I had already from the beginning but it was hard to implement being too rigid in how you transfer the design language in to different materials. Instead we have developed ”Nappula” as a wider theme of vessels for candles where the different items are more loose related to each other. This process has been both inspiring and vitalizing for the concept opening up for many different directions when designing future additions.
The original Nappula candle holder drawings were used as starting point, curves, profiles and proportions were cut out and translated. The volumes were re-scaled and arranged in new compositions. The smooth glass objects in the series playfully bare traces of - and can be arranged together with the original design and at the same time open up new worlds for the Nappula family.