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NM& 040 -Larsson Korgmakare, Stockholm, 2019

NM& 040 is a rattan chair originally designed for the lounge area at the café in Stockholm’s Nationalmuseum. It is made in the workshops of Larsson Korgmakare that is located on a small alley named Norra Dryckesgränd in the Old Town only a few hundred meters from the museum building the chair was designed for. When mission was acomplished we simply took the first samples and carried them over by foot to the building site.
Just as many other elements in the restaurant interior it is inspired by the process of making, highlighting the unfinished, searching and uncertain. The construction is a testbed of possibilities where the variety of options creates a backrest in shape of a transparent patchwork

Larsson Korgmakare is a fourth generation family business today managed by Erica Larsson. It is a small workshop but their contribution to the heritage of Swedish furniture history can’t be underestimated. Their long and close collaboration with Josef Frank and Svenskt Tenn has resulted in a long row of classic chair designs based on the rattan material.