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Lempi, Iittala, 2012

The Lempi glass for Iittala is a stackable stemware intended for all occasions.
The inspiration for the glass comes from my father who for 40 years has worked as a glass artist and independent glass maker. For a long time he produced a glass on a low stem which I really appreciate. His design invites you to pour just that little bit too much wine in to the coupe and that quality has made our family gatherings both later and louder. In the design I later came to do for Iittala I have tried to capture that inviting approach.
It became a goblet where elegant lightness and generous volume are balanced to make it fit both the breakfast and dinner table. The Lempi glass was also designed stackable to fit in the compartments of a small young contemporary household.
It contains 34 cl and is available in clear, purple, light blue and grey glass.

The Lempi glass won a Red Dot Design Award in 2012. It is included in the permanent collection of Sweden's Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.