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Laulu, Made By Choice, 2019

The stackable ”Laulu" chair was originally designed for Finland Music Hall of Fame in Helsinki. The museum was inaugurated in October 2019 and the chair is used in the restaurant area. It was commissioned and produced by Made by Choice who has its production located in the Salo region in the south west of Finland and the factory building has once been home for Finnish home electronics company Salora. Today the production is very different and with the motto “Nordic Happiness” they are manufacturing contemporary high end wooden furniture for home- and public environments.

The musical context the chair would serve in and the factory history in combination with todays skilled CNC wood milling know-how in the Made By Choice facilities all came together in the “Laulu” chair with its initial inspiration taken from old school hifi design with its often perforated wooden surfaces suitable for the factory’s  production line. The end result became a  crafted comfortable wooden chair rooted in both expected and unexpected tradition giving the design an absolute contemporary expression.

The word Laulu is Finnish and means song.