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Grid, Stala, 2022

When working on patterns for the manufacturer’s innovative StalaTex concept the focus was on creating designs that contributes to an interior by being clear spatial graphic exclamation marks. We studied the use of decorative patterns in architecture and tried to identify motifs and methods for how it can add a spatial dimension and an increased value to the stainless steel material.
A core aim was also to continue the excellent work Stala already have executed in their previous collaboration with Harri Koskinen. His design, that seeks inspiration from nordic nature is refined and detailed, encouraging you to go close to get a full experience.
In this case the contribution to the StalaTex collection strives to broaden the perspective of the concept by doing the complete opposite. A succession where the designs consiously should represent the other end of the spectra.
The result landed in abstract, big scale patterns and strong graphics clearly visible on a distance. At first sight the designs might seem simple but it was a big technical challenge to develop them for production. However that struggle in the end only made the outcome stronger.

When being put in a spatial context the Grid collection could play a central role in creating an interesting visual, as well as functional, experience and it us amazed of how fresh and new the concept feels when being implemented in actual environments.

One would think that making patterns on a material would hide the materiality but it is fascinating that it seems to work the complete opposite way, where the patterns enhance the steel quality in an exclusive way.

When evaluating the project it is natural to see possibilities beyond the kitchen counter top that is the natural home turf for Stala. It is very appealing to imagine the concept in entire interiors also in other surroundings. The soft quality the patterns add to the steel makes it very interesting to test also on furniture for domestic and public use. As a designer perhaps that notion of open ends and so much yet to explore is what was the most exciting experience with this collaboration.

In 2023 The Grid Collection was selected for the Red Dot Award.