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Glass Objects, 2021

A collection of large, uniqe glass vases executed together with Simon Klenell at the Sthlm Glass Workshops outside Stockholm. I had the desire to work in the hot shop with somethingh that at least in theory carried something effortless and light in its appearance. A search for maximum expression with minimum means.
The shape of the objects derives from the simplest mould possible: a corner where the hot piece on the blow pipe can rest while being filled with air. The result is a shape partly uncontolled and partly tamed by the sharp angles in the mould. Depending on the angle of the corner the air shaped the object differently where the defined mould also to some extend directed the shape of parts where the material was able to expand without limitation.

It became surprisingly strong objects carrying clear spatial qualities.

The collition between forms, prediction and unpredictability, is underlined by the graphicis in the characteristic filligree pattern, witch helps describing shape and underline the aim with the project.