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Galleri IngerMolin, 2005


The urn project shown at Galleri Inger Molin in Stockholm early 2005 was executed at Michael Davis studios in Queens, New York during a three week work period there during autumn 2004. The work was an attempt to explore the aesthetical qualities of glass and investigate the framework for when an object loses it's function. It is objects of desire, conversation pieces expressing the beauty of the material but also containers functioning as hiding places for things you try to keep secret.
Just like the urns in the computer games revealing extra lives if you crush them or the Ming vase secretly storing the long lost jewelry in a criminal novel.

Still Life #1

The Still Life Series is a collection of vases made from an outer square shaped box in blown clear glass and an inner shape placed inside it that consists of a bottle shaped vessel where the sides has been cut away leaving only a ring with a neck that fits inside. It is a deconstructed but still very functional vase that through its optics and controlled cuts in an otherwise uncontrollable material lift forward and express the qualities of glass


A series of mouth blown plates covered with lids made of old decorative window glass sheets. As in the other projects in the exhibition these items reflect over traces of memories that the material is carrying. The glass has been cut a part re-treated and put together in a new and unexpecting way.

The project was supported by IASPIS.