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Galleri IngerMolin, 2008

Ajeto Urns, Galleri Inger Molin, 2008

Unique urns in blown and solid glass. Produced at the Ajeto Glassworks, CZ for a solo exhibition at the IngerMolin Gallery in Stockholm.
When working with glass I have always been fascinated by deconstructing the material, cut it apart and build it together again. Through working with glass this work method around giving form has come to influence my design language in general where stacked elements or volumes, not rarely contradictory, are balanced together in to one shape.

During this project I also made the discovery that glassmaking is a very local tradition that differs depending on where you are working. In Czech Republic there is a strong tradition in making paper weights, often with decorations magically floating inside the glass. I wanted to use that in my own work and it became a balance act between the breathtakingly beautiful and something quite repelling.

The project is Included in the permanent collection of 

the Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg and the Public Art Agency of Sweden collection.

Size varies from: 350mm to 460mm in height

Still Life #2, Galleri Inger Molin, 2008

Another take on the deconstructive glass making is the Still Life series that I started to  develop around 2004. It is a refined continuation of my very first attempts in glass  where  Ispent hours in the cold shop cutting and grinding the blown glass vessels and then assembled thme in to new formations. In this work the round, vessels are cut to fit in to eachother and in to a square shaped glass box creating an optical intriguing three dimensional jigsaw puxzzle that eventually also could function as a vase.