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Essentials, Örsjö, 2001-2010

When collaborating most intensively with swedish lighting manufacturer Örsjö I had a strive to extend and develop their basic range of light fixtures as a kind of fundament for the company to build and grow from. That thinking often apealed to a quite moderate and silent approach that is both difficult and a bit of a relief to work with.
To find confidence in the small adjustments and improvements of already existing typoligies can sometimes lead to something very unexpected. For a number of years I had this approach on quite many of the designs I made for Örsjö while at the same time helping them with the over all creative direction.

One such example among several designs for the company over the years is the Pin wall fixture. A glass globe on the wall made even simpler than the exising ones on the market. Instead of a wired fixture the shade just hang on the inside construction enabeling a one hand grip when taking it on and off. It's not a revolutionary improvement but all togeteher it summarize quite much of my approach to design in general and the Örsjö brand in specific.

Essential examples:

1. Droplight
Description: Pendant lamp in frosted opaque glass. Available in Ø300, Ø400 and Ø500 mm.
Year: 2002

2. Lantern
Description: Pendant lamps with textile shade and flourecent light source. Originally designed for the Museum of Architcture in Stockholm and a collaboration with Peter Andersson.
Year: 2004

3. Bell
Ø550 mm spun shade in aluminum. Black structure paint with opal white diffusor. Lightsource: 2x42W G24q-4.
Year: 2010

4. Spotlight
Shade and base in spun aluminum. Halogen spot.
Year: 2008

5. Pin
Description: Wall light fixture. IP 44. Shade in glossy opal white glass. E14 socket for 11 W flourecent light source.
Size: Ø180 mm
Year: 2009

6-7. Sweeplight
Pendant light with a powder coated metal shade. 1 X T5 fluorecent light source.
Year 2005