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Da’an containers, NTCRI, 2014

The Da’an containers is a series of objects made in collaboration with Taiwanese textile artist Yuma Taru during the “A New Layer” project that I managed in Taiwan between 2012 and 2014. The project focused on lacquerware objects but in many cases we added one or more crafts from the island to extend the material palette of the collection.

In this collaboration it naturally became a collaboration around textile and in the beginning my thought was to use Yuma’s great weaving skills to work together around some kind of upholstery witch we also did. But during one of my first visit to her studio I found some beautifully decorated shells lying on a shelf.

They were patterned with cotton threads carefully glued side by side creating abstract patterns that interacted with the shape of the shell.
On my way back to the NTCRI centre I couldn’t stop thinking of this technique and already the same evening I madethefirst skteches of some small containers with bottom parts treated with lacquer and their upper parts decorated by Yuma Taru’s studio.

The Da’an contaniers are today part of the permanent collection at Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg, Sweden.