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Botero, Källemo, 2018

The history of chairs contains a variety of typologies that seem to return in the designer's sketch books at regular intervals.

The wooden “Botero” chair is designed in collaboration with Peter Andersson and was developed together with Källemo located in Värnamo, Sweden and is such a typology.

The Botero family tree extends from the present via Wegner and Asplund all the way back to the Roman empire, antique Greece and the old Egypt. The chair has a timeless and rational structure with turned wooden legs connected by two molded horizontal strips from pressed veneer. On the top of the back legs the generous upholstered back rests with it’s intricate upholstery stitching that place the design in our time. The necessary cuts in the pattern are made diagonally to emphasize the movement of the curve and accentuate the character of of the design.

Botero was originally designed for the café area in Sweden’s Nationalmuseum as a part of the NM& collection.