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Bianca, FontanaArte, 2015

The assignment from FontanaArte was to create a glass light that lifted forward both the quality of the material and the sensation of light. I am intrigued by glass in general and the working process with it in the workshop in particular. It is a slow material with a distinctive memory leaving traces from its treatment when being sculptured in to final shape on the blowpipe.
The innovative use of optic effects in this design plays with this memory quality in the glass material and requires great handicraft skills from the makers. For FontanaArte the Bianca project meant an elegant return to its advanced glass making traditions.
The result is a family of lamps with a shade made of opaque white blown glass decorated with a geometric pattern of small imprints that creates an intricate surface similar to tiny footprints in white snow. Apart from being decorative the grooves also give lighter dots where the glass material is pressed in, an enhancement of the relation between material and light.

Bianca is available as pendant-, floor- and table versions, the latter with or without base.