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Ateljé, Gärsnäs, 2019

The main dining hall in the 300 seat restaurant of Nationalmuseum in Stockholm is a space that requires a high flexibility due to all the different kinds of events it needs to host. it is a lunch room during daytime, a cafe´in the afternoon and an early dinner restaurant in the evenings. Many nights of the week it is rented out to various private events stretching from representation banquets, weddings, conferences or mingles. The room needs to grow or shrink depending on the situation.

Taking inspiration from the artist studio when designing the interior the tables refers to sturdy working tables. At the same time they have a built in flexibility with their extension function where aesthetic inspiration came from wooden mechanics of a kind you often find in artist equipment such as easels, anatomy models or paper presses.

The table is a tool for the restaurant and its design clearly expresses its function. Its intended use becomes the decorative beauty with the large grip friendly flower shaped nut that locks the flexible beam in the base construction. The Ateljé table is available in natural, stained or soaped oak or beech wood. It is produced in the Gärsnäs factory located in the very south of Sweden.